• Feb102017
    Pick up lines for cyclists

    5 cycling pick-up lines we dare you to use

    At Believ we often describe what we do by comparing it to a dating service; we find out who you are,…

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  • Jan202017

    Why we don’t worry about writing proposals anymore

    Since starting Believ Content Agency last year, I’ve been asked to write up a number of proposals for potential clients.…

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  • Dec032016

    Lessons about building a personal brand from Louis Meintjes

    Louis Meintjes and I started our professional relationship while at Team MTN-Qhubeka at the end of 2012. He was shy…

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  • Nov092016

    What cooking chicken taught me about social media

    I placed some chicken and sweet potato in the oven using only three ingredients: salt, pepper and olive oil. This…

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  • Oct242016

    How a client’s Twitter page left us speechless last week

    Recently, while putting together content for a client’s Twitter page, we received some surprising results. The client is a professional…

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  • Oct022016

    One thing I learnt while in a room with President Clinton

    Nelson Mandela used to regularly check up on Chelsea Clinton according to her father Bill. The 42nd president of the…

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  • Sep292016

    Why listening can make you a better marketer

    Listen and silent are made up of the same letters. That’s something I learnt recently after reading Lessons from the…

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  • Aug282016

    How goal setting can change your marketing

    Many people are unhappy in their jobs. There are many factors that contribute to that. One of them, I believ,…

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