What cooking chicken taught me about social media

What cooking chicken taught me about social media
9. November 2016 Xylon van Eyck
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I placed some chicken and sweet potato in the oven using only three ingredients: salt, pepper and olive oil. This is in comparison to a broth I cooked for more than 10 hours last week.

My wife and I love Masterchef Australia and it has inspired me to cook something really delicious. So, off I went to the butchery to get some healthy bones for my broth, along with carrots, onions, garlic and spices.

I carefully studied a recipe and cooked the broth for hours and hours, expecting the best possible outcome.

Which of these two meals ended up being the best tasting thing I’ve had for days?

The broth had loads of ingredients going into it along with a lot of time spent researching how to cook it. As for the chicken, I was running off to an appointment and didn’t have time to concentrate on supper so just threw some chicken and sweet potato into the roasting oven with only olive oil and salt and pepper.

I was planning on eating the chicken after returning home late from the meeting but the aroma was so good, I ate it before the meeting. It ended up being the best thing I’ve eaten in over a week.

My first attempt at making a broth was a disaster and I had to throw it out. There were too many intricate steps, allowing for mistakes along the way.

I’ve taken this lesson and adapted it to social media. The biggest lesson is: Keep it simple. Get the basics right. The classic combination of consistent, clear communication always gets results.