How goal setting can change your marketing

How goal setting can change your marketing
28. August 2016 Xylon van Eyck
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Many people are unhappy in their jobs. There are many factors that contribute to that. One of them, I believ, is a lack of vision. So many of us live without a purpose, wanting to change a situation and we hope that opportunities will fall into our laps.
I think it’s the same for your business. You have to be intentional about changing your circumstances. Set goals and have a vision. Mini goals…big goals, it doesn’t matter. Just set them.
I was riding bikes with a former NBA coach and successful restaurateur in Italy and he said, if you don’t have a road map, you could end up anywhere.

One of my first clients was a professional cycling team who, against all odds, won a stage of the Tour de France last year.
That was a result that was almost ten years in the making. While still a semi-professional outfit in South Africa, the team had a vision to make it to the top of the sport.
It would be tough and almost impossible to raise funding in a country where professional cycling hardly exists. But vision and medium and long-term goal setting made it possible.